We are a dedicated and passionate husband and wife team specialising in wedding photography and videography. Our focus is to create a relaxed yet uniquely fun experience while capturing the unforgettable moments of your special day.

Husband Frankie is the one behind the lens (his camera and his glasses!) and wife Chloe uses her editing magic to craft your highlights. We are proudly supported by a wonderful team to ensure none of your precious moments are missed! 

- Salt Shaker Films.

Emotional waterfront Christian wedding

We loved every bit of this wedding, and it was truly our privilege to capture every precious moment of their day. What we love about Zach & Michelah is how they used their wedding to reflect God's love for humanity. What a glorious way to celebrate such a special couple!

Gorgeous sunset winery wedding 

Have you ever been to Massaros Winery in Kangaroo Ground, a mere stone’s throw away from Victoria’s famed Yarra Valley? It is a  stunning winery wedding venue with  a city view! The gorgeous bride Emily surprised her groom with a Mustang to pick him up for their beautiful wedding! They had an amazing day  and celebrated with their loved ones under the embrace of the most gorgeous sunset.

Lively Greek & Lebanese Wedding

There was Greek band, Lebanese drummers, classic cars & SO MUCH dancing!!  Before their traditional marriage ceremony  at a Greek Orthodox Church, we took the time to interview Thomas and Yvette before their glorious first look. We knew at the start that  because Thomas & Yvette are getting married at a Greek Orthodox Church means that they wouldn't get to share their personal vows. Which means we needed to make space to interview the couples before they meet each other

Carlton Garden First Look 

This is a short film of a stunning wedding. The charming groom was so excited to see his gorgeous bride for the first time at the iconic Carlton Garden, and they shared that beautiful moment together as they readied themselves to celebrate the start of their next chapter in life.

Best of Both Worlds – Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony with Western Style Reception

We understand and adore our clients that honour cultural traditions! Alan & Angelina started their day with a fun gatecrashing where the bridesmaids tasked the groom and groomsmen to undergo some physical, mental and at times embarrassing challenges to win the bride over! It was followed by a traditional Chinese tea ceremony, where they bride and groom paid respect to their elders by serving them tea. Finally, after a tearful and joyful ceremony at their stunning Albert Park venue, their reception was full of laughs and memorable moments. What a gorgeous couple, and their first dance was out of this world!